Reports from the Field

2016 Expeditions

Read about our April/May 2016 snow science ski expedition to the Penny Ice Cap, Baffin Island, Canadian Arctic:

Snow Science Ski Expedition – Baffin 2016


Read about our May/June 2016 glacial lake kayaking expedition to the Ngozumpa Glacier, eastern Himalaya, Nepal:

Glacial Lake Science Kayaking Expedition – Nepal 2016

“It’s very hard not to fall in love with Nepal and the Himalayas. The opportunity to collaborate with the Science in the Wild team and Sherpa scientists was also a wonderful way to learn more about the Sherpa culture.  I enjoyed to join as a citizen scientist in order to help the team fulfill their research when I could, as I am totally convinced of the necessity to conduct climate related research, and it was also a great opportunity for me as a photographer and film director.”  – Benjamin Pothier, Paris, France

2017 Expeditions

Read about our January 2017 snow science climbing expedition to Aconcagua, Argentina (6961 m/22,841 ft.):

Snow Science on Aconcagua