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Who are we?

Science in the Wild is a hub for science AND adventure! We focus on immersive trips around the world and community-based science in the landscapes where we travel. On our trips you’ll learn more about how science is done in the field, actively participate in our projects, and learn how to be better stewards of the planet. This immersive experiential learning approach will deepen your understanding and appreciation of the great outdoors while contributing to science. Read more about our past trips in The Lab.

Can’t join us on expedition? Check out The Academy where you can sign up for private or group lessons with our experts, ranging from academic and research skills to the physical and health sciences, the arts, communication skills and career planning. If you want to bring science to life in your classrooms, please be sure to see our Science Stories tab! Science in the Wild is about YOUR experience – so, choose your adventure – virtual or in-person (pandemic-permitting!) – with us!


Our Experiences

All experiences have set dates. If you’re a group of three or more, we can adapt the schedule with what works best for you! Click below for more information!