The Summits, Songs and Science Project

The Summits, Songs and Science Project is a husband-wife team effort by Ricardo Peña, professional musician and mountain guide, and Ulyana Horodyskyj Peña, professional scientist and mountaineer, to climb 155 highpoints and mountains around the world to inspire and connect people globally while promoting the joys and benefits of mountaineering, music and science.

 Our Goals

The Seven Summits: the highest peak on all 7 continents of the world: Mt. Everest (Asia), Aconcagua (South America), Denali (North America), Kilimanjaro (Africa), Elbrus* (Europe) (*Mont Blanc, Europe, as stand-in for Europe for Ulyana, due to her Ukrainian ancestry), Vinson (Antarctica) and Kosciuszko (Australia).

The State High Points: the highest point in each of the 50 states of the United States of America.

The Colorado Centennials: the 100 highest peaks in the state of Colorado.
For each peak and highpoint, we are giving back to the community by filming live musical performances (by Ricardo) and short informational science posts every week on the Science Wednesdays page (by Ulyana).

To learn more about the project and the highpoints, click here.