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Interested in stories of adventure around the world? What it is like to be part of an Arctic expedition? What about working on a ship down in Antarctica? Climbing some of the highest mountains in the world? Book an “adventure science story time” hour with Science in the Wild’s Dr. Ulyana! Suitable for children and adults alike, Ulyana takes you on virtual journeys to some of the wildest places on our planet.


Choose from the following categories and click the embedded links to book a 60-minute story hour for grades K-5 (elementary), grades 6-8 (middle school), grades 9-12 (high school) and college. For adults, join us for a “Science on Tap Happy Hour” instead!


  1. High Altitude Adventures
    1. A Year Abroad: Nepal and Mt. Everest – What was it like spending nearly a year living abroad in a foreign country? Working at over 15,000 feet, trying to understand how glaciers are changing and melting, and working in the shadow of Mt. Everest?
    2. The Top of Africa: Kilimanjaro – At nearly 20,000 feet above sea level, Kilimanjaro is home to rainforest, moorland, desert and glaciated terrain. Join a virtual hike and explore the fascinating landscape at the top of Africa!
  2. Polar Adventures
    1. The Bottom of the World: Antarctica – Hear about what it’s like to work aboard a ship in one of the coldest places on the planet. Learn about the rocks and ice, whales, seals, and penguins that call Antarctica home.
    2. The Top of the World: Svalbard – What is it like to explore an ice cave? See polar bears out in the wild? Hike in such untamed country? Hear stories of working in the Arctic!
    3. Skiing for Science: Baffin Island, Canadian Arctic – Flying in a small airplane to the Arctic? Skiing over 50 miles in polar bear country in the name of science? Hear stories from a science adventure to the Penny Ice Cap, one of the last remnants of the Last Ice Age.
  3. Space Adventures
    1. Is Anybody Out There? NASA HERA – Confinement, isolation, stress. Sound familiar? Hear about a 30-day on-the-ground NASA mission testing psychological and physical impacts of confinement. Hear about strategies you can apply to your own lives during this pandemic.
    2. The Edge of Space: Project PoSSUM – Hear about what it’s like to participate as a citizen-scientist astronaut candidate for the Polar Suborbital Science in the Upper Mesophere (PoSSUM) program, including what it’s like to fly in microgravity!

High-Altitude Adventures

Polar Adventures

Space Adventures

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