Here at Science in the Wild, we lead immersive expeditions around the world, teaching you about science and how to do science. Join us as we hike, climb, ski and paddle the wilds, exploring our natural world and how it is changing.

Read more about the kinds of citizen science and adventurous experiences that we offer below. These types of trips are best suited for ages 18 and up.

Are you an educator? Student? Curious about the outdoors? Then consider joining a Science in the Wild educational experience! Learn about the landscapes where you travel, what you can do to minimize your impact and apply what you’ve learned when you return home.

Expeditions with this experience: Kilimanjaro, Aconcagua, Elbrus, Hawaii, Iceland, Colorado

Are you a working professional, curious about other scientific fields? Interested in diving deeper than our educational experiences? Learning what it is like to be a citizen scientist, working on community-based scientific research? Then consider joining our research experience! You’ll travel with us to long-term study sites, help us establish new ones, and learn what it is like in the life of a field scientist.

Expeditions with this experience: Himalaya (Nepal), Kilimanjaro, Baffin Island (Arctic)

Are you wanting to add to your hiking or climbing experience? Volunteer your time while on expedition? Then join our outreach and humanitarian experience! You’ll mingle with the local communities, hear their stories, and aid in conservation efforts in the places we travel.

Expeditions with this experience: Himalaya (Nepal), Kilimanjaro


When you were a kid, did you want to be an astronaut when you grew up? Are you interested in the future of space exploration? Consider joining one of our analog experiences! In partnership with Project PoSSUM, Science in the Wild brings you to Moons/Mars analog sites right here on our planet, giving you the chance to learn about science, do science, and test technology in harsh conditions.

Expeditions with this experience: Atacama Desert (Chile), Hawaii, San Francisco Volcanic Fields (Arizona), Kilimanjaro

Are you interested in seeing historically significant places on our planet, while also learning some science along the way? Then consider joining a historical experience! This is suited for those who may not want to hike or climb like some of our other more active experiences. Learn how landscapes have changed – either due to the ravages of Mother Nature or human-caused tragedy and war.

Expeditions with this experience: Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 crash site (Argentina), Mt. Vesuvius & Pompeii (Italy), Chornobyl (Ukraine), Mt. Fuji, Hiroshima & Nagasaki (Japan)

Are you interested in outdoor adventure? Learning more hiking and mountaineering skills? Technical skills? Then join us on our adventure experiences in collaboration with Alpine Expeditions! You can choose your own adventure level: wild, wilder, wildest or exxtreme.

Expeditions with this experience: Mexican volcanoes, 7 Summits, Colorado