Science Wednesday – April 17, 2019

It’s Science Wednesday! Here is a student film that took the People’s Choice Award today in my “Intro to Global Climate Change” class at Colorado College. Students picked a topic related to climate change and, in addition to writing a paper about it, they learned how to shoot and edit a short film in just 2 weeks. Science storytelling through powerful imagery and narrative is crucial when covering topics that aren’t easy to cover – like climate change.

Climate change is happening. It’s real. And it’s because of us. The United States, in particular, is addicted to fossil fuels and this addiction is costing us – and the whole planet.

This student film* explored the topic of climate refugees in the US. It’s not something we think about here, as we typically think that it is a problem happening on the other side of the planet. Take a look here by using the hashtag #sciencewednesdays:¬†¬†