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Collect facsimile and AUTHENTIC signatures from American astronauts, authors, entertainers, newsmakers and more!

This expandable trading card series is sure to thrill any non-sport autograph enthusiast. Each pack contains nine random facsimile signature cards from the introductory 50-card base set, a collect-your-own signature card, perfect for your next celebrity run-in, plus two special inserts featuring historical facsimile signatures or an AUTHENTIC SIGNATURE! Organize your collection alphabetically, by category or however you choose–there is no numbering system and no checklist!

Over 150 authentic signers contributed to this series including science signers:

  • John Fabian (Astronaut)
  • Al Sacco Jr. (Astronaut)
  • J.W. Christy (Discovered Pluto’s Moon)
  • Jack Benchik (Designed lunar landing feet)
  • Alan Stern (Horizon project lead)
  • Christine Darden (One of the scientists featured in Hidden Figures; Sonic Boom Team)
  • Robert Crippen (Astronaut, first shuttle mission)
  • Frederick Gregory (Astronaut)
  • Dan Brandenstein (Astronaut)

Authentic signature cards feature inline foil and on-card or cut ink signatures. Clear labels are affixed by hand on the back of each card to indicate the signer. All our cards are printed in the USA.

We ship coast to coast (plus Alaska and Hawaii), but cannot ship to California due to State laws governing the sale of autographed merchandise.

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